Getting Started

Thanks for choosing nanoexpress!
Nano-framework for Node.js powered

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  • Express-compatible middleware* layer

  • Express-like API

  • Faster than most Node.js backend frameworks

  • In-built async support without any of HttpResponse instance*

  • Ajv* schema validator support

  • fast-json-stringify* serialization support

  • Swagger* support

  • In-built WebSocket support

  • In-built Stream support

Code is provided as-is, do not expect or demand free support, warranty or debugging


You can install

$ npm i nanoexpress
# or
$ yarn add nanoexpress
  • This library does not support HTTP2!

As soon as you have installed the right package, let's create the first server

import nanoexpress from 'nanoexpress';
const app = nanoexpress();
app.get('/', (req, res) => {
return res.send({ status: 'ok' });

Using app.listen(PORT, '') is recommended to use for Docker, Heroku and AWS